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Jan 13, 2021

Gamification Needs A Separate Space

Keen to know why Gamification needs to be in a different space from your time-keeping systems? Read on to discover more

We generally play games to refresh our minds and rejuvenate from mundane work-life  or even to stay fit. Consider all these aspects of games as reasons why it needs a special and dedicated space. Like with your game days, gamification too, needs a separate space to showcase the real impact.

1. Declutter from daily taskmaster

Throughout the day, the users are involved in various tasks to provide regular updates and take actionable from managers. The daily task master is heavy and the same should be kept separate from gamification. Imagine if WhatsApp offers personal messaging, office updates, and also games.

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2. The intuitiveness of the app

Games, when visualized on a macro level, need to have a few components - milestones, special powers, actions, reactions, time bound rewards, danger threats or lifelines boosters. These components have to be visually placed to make it attractive to the end-user. Similarly, gamification or game templates need to be configured separately so that all the elements are correctly visible and captured.

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3. Payments and audit Trails

Compass Games have rules based on which the scores are calculated and create a clear, transparent, and instant log - with the user having full access to these. This log trail of achievements are important since it aids in accounting and audits. Additionally, the incentives or scores should be actionable or redeemable, which is the very nature of interesting games to play. Compass app has it all and is an ideal product to accelerate business metrics.


4. Gamified nudges

When the aim is to make life of a user like the game he/she would start seeing their work as a learning opportunity. Every day gamified nudges push a user to do more and learn more. It has to be kept separate and not with minute activities at work. These de-clutters and users treat these differently and put-in extra efforts.

5. Gamified Nudges & Notifications-8

Compass is trusted by 100’s of startups to Fortune 500 companies. It’s been used by over 2 million users.

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