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Jan 13, 2021

Gamification Enhances UX For All

Interesting ways gamification transforms the user experience and how in particular, Compass does it.

Gamification creates an excitement and enhances user experience for your business participants, team leaders and program admins. In today's world - a good user experience encourages  users to participate more often, thereby enhancing business output.

1. Enhancing User Experience For Participants

Gamification enhances user experience for participants by allowing them to stay up-to-date with goals and targets, announcements, incentive schemes, performance scorecards, leaderboards, earning simulators, gamified nudges, socialization with teams, one-click payments and more.


2. Enhancing User Experience For Team Leaders

Gamification enhances user experience for Team leaders by allowing them to run localised or personalised incentive schemes, check team's performance, motivate team on groups, appreciate performers and more. It additionally provides insights, tips and action points to improve team's output.


3. Enhancing User Experience For Auditing Teams

Gamification product can be modelled to provide audit trails and log details of all the calculations and user-actions. It can have options to over-ride the calculation, in case of exceptions. One-click payments additionally allows to stagger the incentive payouts and get benefit from the un-utilised amount. This makes the auditing process super-simple and easy.


4. Enhancing User Experience For Program Administrators

Gamification product has to integrate with multiple data-sources and allows to define dynamic and static variables. These variables can then be used to set up goals and incentive schemes. The product additionally should allow administrators to configure real-time widgets for themselves, team managers and participants.



Compass is trusted by 100’s of startups to Fortune 500 companies. It’s been used by over 2 million users.

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