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Jul 9, 2021

365 Days of Engagement: Compass’ Exhaustive Launch to Success Support

Here's how Compass handholds you through the complex change management and product user adoption process. Read on to discover the bite sized, yet highly relevant support content that our client admins receive post sign up.

We understand the challenges of rolling out a new enterprise software across your company, training your managers to use it seamlessly, and then ensuring successful adoption across the board. 

Our team has put together an exhaustive set of documents, resources, and assets that can make this transition smoother and far more efficient for you. These will be shared as emails starting 2 weeks before go-live, through to 360 days. 

*For the purpose of this document, it is important to note that the “user” is the Program Admin alone. These assets will be shared via email by the Compass team to the Program Admin of the organization. Dissemination of the information is, however, left to the discretion of the Program Admin. 

We have compiled assets into 4 major parts. You can use the same and engage your users -

  1. Launch Collaterals: Everything you would need before D-Day - a walkthrough of Compass web and mobile app, an indicative implementation timeline, launch assets and Train the Trainer (TTT) assets.
  2. Adoption Collaterals: Tricks, hacks, and suggestions (with relevant screenshots and attachments) to make the most of the Compass app.
  3. Product Updates & Feature Releases: Get a monthly update on the latest product releases and features.
  4. Best Practices: Critical toolsets for seamless implementation, tracking success metrics, and sustaining adoption momentum.

Collaterals Calendar for Your Success

Day (-10) Welcome To Compass!
Day (-7) Getting Started With Compass.
Day (-2) Launch collaterals for Compass
Day 0 Track Compass adoption progress
Day 3 Guide to leveraging Compass Groups
Day 7 Redemption process on Compass
Day 10 Message templates for non-adopters
Day 14 Quizzes for Compass engagement
Day 17 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 21 Re-educate your team on Compass features
Day 24 Make Org-wide announcements using Compass
Day 28 Survey templates to gauge Compass usage
Day 31 Further tips to drive Compass adoption
Day 35 Getting your star performers onto Compass
Day 38 Identify user cohorts to get greater attention
Day 42 Conducting dedicated webinars to improve Compass recall
Day 45 Compass newsletter for  (Month)
Day 49 Conducting a refresher on Compass
Day 52 Guide users to increase earnings through Compass
Day 56 Tail-end adoption techniques
Day 59 Compass newsletter for  (Month)
Day 63 Target setting - a powerful feature in Compass
Day 66 Relaunch Compass to sustain excitement
Day 70 Are you running all KPI linked programs through Compass? Here's a checklist.
Day 73 Performance tips for different user cohorts
Day 77 Tips and tricks to use Compass
Day 80 Helping your team visualize what they can win
Day 84 Training collaterals for managers and program admins
Day 87 Calculating the ROI of Compass implementation
Day 91 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 94 Replacing excels for commissions
Day 98 Showing Salespeople the Path to Success Using Gamification
Day 101 Compass for Sales Team managers
Day 105 Latest Blog updates
Day 108 Merits Of Enabling One-Click Payments
Day 112 CRMs are Boring. Make them interesting with Gamification!
Day 115 How Can you Improve the Performance of tail-end Performers with Gamification?
Day 119 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 122 Gamify Pushy Goal Sheets to Get Better Output
Day 126 Cost-Benefit Analysis for Adopting Gamification Software
Day 129 Bring Your 'Forgotten Middle' Back into the Game Through Gamification
Day 133 Latest Blog updates
Day 136 Game Templates by Xoxoday Compass
Day 140 Ways to Create Sense of Urgency for Your Sales Workflow
Day 143 Sales Commission Structures: Everything You Need to Know
Day 147 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 150 Steps to Building a Friendly Sales Competition (+ Sales Contest Ideas)
Day 154 Best Sales SPIFF Ideas to Motivate Your Sales Reps
Day 157 Ways to Celebrate Sales Wins: How to Recognize Salespeople
Day 161 Latest Blog updates
Day 164 Reducing Fixed Costs with Incentive-Based Pay
Day 168 Automate Sales Incentive Calculations and Payments with Compass
Day 171 Sales Commission and Incentive Program templates
Day 175 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 178 Revaluating our Compass deployment mode
Day 182 Ultimate Guide to Sales Motivation
Day 185 Sales Best Practices to Increase ROI for Incentive Compensation
Day 198 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 213 Latest Blog updates
Day 228 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 243 Latest Blog updates
Day 258 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 273 Latest Blog updates
Day 288 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 303 Latest Blog updates
Day 318 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 333 Latest Blog updates
Day 348 Compass newsletter for (Month)
Day 363 Latest Blog updates
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