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Jun 29, 2021

CRMs are Boring. Make them interesting with Gamification!

CRMs are powerful tools for developing effective customer relationships. But it takes a significant amount of effort in making your sales team use the CRM. CRM gamification is the key. Here's a take on how Compass - a Gamification software can make CRMs more powerful and interesting.

Typically, CRMs help provide better service to the customers and develop effective customer relationships and to get a 360-degree view of the customer relationship. However, it takes a significant amount of effort in making your sales team use the CRM. Sometimes it takes several quarters to enable basic adoption of CRMs because: 

  1. Changing behavior is tough
  1. Sales is already a demanding job and salesmen feel that CRM is an additional task
  1. No immediate incentive to use the product
“In 2017, CIO magazine reported that around one-third of all customer relationship management (CRM) projects fail. That was actually an average of a dozen analyst reports. The numbers ranged from 18% to 69%. Those failures can mean a lot of things — over-budget, data integrity issues, technology limitations, and so forth. But in my work with clients, when I ask executives if the CRM system is helping their business to grow, the failure rate is closer to 90%.” - Scott Edinger (published in HBR in December 2018.)

This is hard to ignore! CRMs are essential for businesses and so is their success. Here's a take on how Compass - a Gamification software - can make CRMs more powerful and interesting.

Compass integrates with your CRM via webhooks or APIs. Check out integration methods. The software can read any event/activity that happens within your CRM as a trigger and helps you Gamify it with challenges, incentives, and analytics. Here are a few popular events that have been picked up by the companies we’re currently working with:

  1. Influencing Stages in the sales funnel like Discovery, Warm Response, Opportunity, Negotiation, and Closure.
  2. Influencing Usage-behavior like number of Lead entries, Correctness of Lead entries, Feature usage, etc.
  3. Influencing Conversion metrics like Discovery to Closure%, Opportunity to Closure%, Lead to Discovery%, etc.
  4. Influencing Core Sales metrics such as Accounts Closed, Revenue Booked, Ranking On Charts, etc.

Once you've shortlisted the event/activity that you want to influence, Compass provides you access to a dashboard to pick the event/activity and configure games yourself. It’s that simple. Here are a few game templates available.

Check out our blog on the library of game templates

Here are a few benefits you can expect by Gamifying the CRM using Compass:

  1. Influence Sales Activity, Usage Behaviour, and Interaction with the CRMs.
  2. Minimize efforts in publishing, broadcasting, tracking, and processing incentive plans and Contests.
  3. Nudge salesman at the right moment and influence their sales activity.
  4. Enhance competition via Leaderboards within the team as well as between teams.
  5. Showcase Earnings dashboard with history, opportunity, trends, and more.
  6. Break the Monotony in sales with interactive UX and game templates.

CRM gamification can accelerate the CRM activity by more than 250%; trimmed data processing efforts by 100%; saved more than 15% on budgeted incentive payouts; and brought 100% clarity and transparency in communication, through the organization. 

Compass integrates with all major CRMs like Salesforce, Leadsquared, Hubspot,, Pipedrive etc. 

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